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No-brainer choice to publish your first audio posts

One-time free 10,000 words

Cancel Anytime

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Best choice for blogs with less than 200 KWs ranking on the top 3 positions

One-time free 15,000 words

Cancel Anytime



Best choice for blogs with 200+ KWs ranking on the top 3 positions

One-time free 15,000 words

Cancel Anytime

All plans include

Professional Narrations

Audio Platform & Player

Customer Success Service

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What are VOOOZER words?

Monthly credit

Each month, your account is credited with the total of additional monthly words. You can also buy batches of words separately.

One-time free words

In your first month with us, you'll get a free bonus of words according to the plan you chose.

No words lost

As long as you have an active plan, unused words remain in your account. You will never lose any words – we understand your busy routine.

Human narrators

Real people narrating with real emotion, easy on the ear tone and engaging dynamism.

Fast delivery

Delivery time of up to 48 working hours. Yes, we are that fast.

Online ordering

Order your narrations through our platform and get email notifications when they’re ready to be published.

Specialized narrators

All our narrators follow our exclusive methodology built for content marketing. You won't find our quality standard anywhere else.

95% approval on the first version

Everybody makes mistakes, but 95% of the times, we ace narrations the very first time.

Easy feedback

If needed, request narration adjustments through our platform.

VOOOZER's awesome features

Customizable responsive player

Change its color, offer a download option, and more. Responsive, performance optimized and readily compatible with all CMS.

Seamless embedding

Easily add your audios to your blog posts and any other pages.

Extra distribution

Integrate to Spotify and Google Podcasts to reach new audiences.

Lead generation

Activate an in-player gateway to collect emails and names.

Audio analytics

Track your audio engagement with straightforward analytics.

Native integrations

Send your leads directly to HubSpot, RD Station and through Zapier.

All plans include up to 100 audios hosted on total and up to 10,000 streams per month. Above these limits, please check the additional costs table with our team.

VOOOZER customer success service


Get the tailored human support right from the beginning. We got you covered even if you never worked with audio posts before.


Count on our years of experience to build your unique strategy. Did you know that we created the audio post methodology back in 2016?


Understand the KPIs, get a benchmark and optimize your results through our expertise.

I am very impressed with the VOOOZER platform. The process is intuitive and I can trust that each narration will be top-notch. This is our first time testing out an all-in-one audio marketing solution and we’re very happy we did.

Alex Atkins

Head of Growth at CXL

Frequently asked questions answered in a simple way

  • Subscription to the audio marketing platform for you to store, distribute, manage and analyze your audio content and results; audio player with a lead generation feature; integrations to other softwares (e.g. Zapier, HubSpot, RD Station, Spotify and Google Podcasts).
  • Blog posts, articles and ebooks narrations for you to increase the distribution and reach of your content without having to worry about hiring or training narrators.

According to extensive testing with references from the Digital Marketing market, such as GetResponse, CXL, RD Station, Rock Content, and in addition to the results of a long list of customers, we provide the following expected benefits:

  • Increased reach and content distribution
  • Increased visitor engagement
  • Average Time on Page increase
  • SEO improvement
  • Increased lead generation
  • Improved lead qualification
  • Visitors loyalty

When hiring, you set how many words will be narrated monthly.

Month by month, you order the narrations directly through our platform, using a simple form, specifying the deadline for when you want to receive the narration and any additional information.

We will deliver the audios within 2 business days (48 working hours).

You are notified by email when a narration is ready and, if necessary, you can request a review/edit of the audio.

If you don’t use all your words balance in a given month, it’s pushed for the next month so you never lose any words.

Among many things, our platform allows you to:

  • Store and manage your audio content
  • Distribute your audio content through our audio player
  • Capture and monitor leads through our player
  • Order and review narrations quickly and easily
  • Track the results of your audio content
  • Export data for further analysis
  • Send captured leads automatically to Zapier, HubSpot and/or RD Station
  • Distribute your audios automatically through Spotify and Google Podcasts

We have monthly and yearly plans with a great discount.

Each plan may include:

  • Audio Platform
  • Monthly narrations
  • Customer Success Service

The values will vary according to the amount of words you would like per month.

You can order narrations of different sizes within the total word balance in your account.

The minimum period for hire is one month, but if you choose to pay upfront for 12 months you get 2 huge perks:

  • 25% discount
  • The availability to order the total of words in your 12 months plan. For example, if you choose the 5,000 words plan, instead of receiving the 5,000 words credit month by month, you get the 60,000 total words credit right on day one.

If you are on a monthly payment plan, you can cancel at any time and you won’t have to pay for the next month.

If you opted for the annual upfront payment, what is already paid for can’t be refunded.

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