Instantly grow your blog engagement, generate more qualified leads and optimize the content consumption experience in a single tool

VOOOZER helps blogs and content websites to transform text articles into professional narrations within 48 hours. We distribute your content through a player that can be integrated with any website and present the results of audio consumption in a visual and easy to understand way.
Blogs that apply the VOOOZER methodolgy increase users’ average time on the page by 43% and generate 45% more qualified leads than blogs without our player

The best performers in content marketing are VOOOZER clients

680+ blog posts narrated

“In addition to improving the user experience, we are also generating many leads with VOOOZER.”

250+ blog posts narrated

“We have received countless incredible feedbacks that proved the value of having the audio version on our blog.”

200+ blog posts narrated

“15% of the total leads generated in the first month of Audio Marketing strategy came from VOOOZER.”

270+ blog posts narrated

“Audio posts have increased our visitors' engagement with our content, and that has improved our SEO.”

120+ blog posts narrated

"Today, the figures show that about 21% of the leads captured through our blog come from Audio Marketing."


95% of our narrations are approved straight away!

Creating audio posts is easier than creating your own text content, and that is why VOOOZER is loved by marketing experts.

See how it works, step by step:

Get your audios fast and easy

Order in less than 1 minute and receive the narration on our platform in 48 hours.

Easy to publish on your website

Copy our embed code and paste it on your page. It works on all platforms and AMP pages.

Performance reports

Visualize the results and easily report on the performance of the strategy.

Effortless adjustments

Provide feedback on the narrations and quickly request adjustments through the platform.

Software integrations ready to go

*for more integrations, please consult our team

VOOOZER instantly impacts two essential metrics from Content Marketing strategies

+ Content

Audio posts reach audiences who would not consume your article by reading it, reducing bounce rate and increasing engagement simply because it is a passive content consumption format. It is much easier to hear content than to read it.

83% of users are unable to read everything they would like on the internet.

The user chooses to input their email to listen to the audio post even though they have the option to read the text without converting.

+ Qualified

Our audio player provides solid consumption metrics so you can identify qualified leads who are really interested in your content and products/services.

VOOOZER is a shortcut in your leads’ customer journey

Try out our player and find out how we optimize the conversion of your blog posts and increase the engagement of your content.

In the demo we will show you how you can use VOOOZER to have an Audio Marketing strategy.

VOOOZER is the best cost-benefit solution to implement Audio Marketing in your content strategy

See how our platform and service work:


narration of blog posts

Professional narrators specialized in blog post narrations;

We offer voices that suit the tone of your brand;

Define how many posts will be narrated each month;

Online ordering system;

Delivery time of up to 48 working hours;

Request narration adjustments through our platform;



audio marketing platform

Hosting and streaming;

Lead generation and monitoring;

Leads database exporting;

Integration with HubSpot and RD Station;

Customizable responsive audio player;


Custom reports upon request;

Customer Success service.


This is wonderful!

“To this day, I still remember an OKR meeting that we had: someone asked what VOOOZER was, we explained it, they asked how much each audio cost, and at the end they said: put it on the entire portal, this is wonderful!”

Impressive Results!

“The results were impressive. Besides helping to increase our Time on Page (one of the main SEO factors), the value it generated with our visitors was absolutely relevant!”

Frequently asked questions for the VOOOZER team answered in a simple way

  • Subscription to the audio marketing platform for you to store, distribute, manage and analyze your audio content and results; audio player with a lead generation feature; integrations to other softwares (e.g. HubSpot, RD Station, Spotify and Google Podcasts).
  • Blog posts, articles and ebooks narrations for you to increase the distribution and reach of your content without having to worry about hiring or training narrators.
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According to extensive testing with references from the Digital Marketing market, such as RD Station and Rock Content, and in addition to the results of a long list of customers, we have the following expected benefits:

  • Increased reach and content distribution
  • Increased visitor engagement
  • Average Time on Page increase
  • SEO improvement
  • Increased lead generation
  • Improved lead qualification
  • Visitors loyalty

To find out more details and quantitative results, check out our Case Studies.

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When hiring, you set how many contents (and their sizes) will be narrated monthly.

Month by month, you order the narrations directly through our platform, using a simple form, specifying the deadline for when you want to receive the narration and any additional information.

We will deliver the audios within 2 business days (48 working hours).

You are notified by email when a narration is ready and, if necessary, you can request a review/edit of the audio.

Category: English

Among many things, our platform allows you to:

  • Store and manage your audio content
  • Distribute your audio content through our audio player
  • Capture and monitor leads through our player
  • Order and review narrations quickly and easily
  • Track the results of your audio content
  • Export data for further analysis
  • Send captured leads automatically to HubSpot and/or RD Station
  • Distribute your audios automatically through Spotify and Google Podcasts
Category: English

We have annual plans that can be paid monthly or upfront with a discount.

Each plan is personalized and includes:

  • Audio Platform
  • Customer Success Service
  • Monthly narrations

The values will vary according to the quantity and size of the contents to be narrated each month.

We make a diagnosis to better understand the moment of each company and confirm if it is a good time to invest in Audio Marketing with us.

If it is the case, we set up a plan with X narrations of up to Y words per month. For example: 4 audio posts per month of up to 1,200 words each.

You can order narrations of different sizes within the total word limit per month – in the example above, 4,800 words per month (4 x 1,200).

Category: English

You can hire only the platform if you produce your audio content internally, but you cannot hire only the narrations, since all the operation of ordering and approving narrations is done via the platform.

Category: English

The minimum period for hire is one month, but if you choose to pay annually you have 2 huge perks:

  • 15% discount
  • The availability to order your 12 months worth of narrations since day one
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If you are on a monthly payment plan, you can cancel at any time and you won’t have to pay for the next month. What is already paid for can’t be refunded.

If you opted for the annual payment, you can cancel but what is already paid for can’t be refunded as well.

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