Add audio to your blog for improved time on page, SEO and lead gen

Since most people don’t have time to read everything they find on the internet (your blog included), we’ve created an audio solution to engage your visitors in a whole new way. Press play:

Our customer success team got you covered, even if you never worked with audio posts before. Our CS team NPS is 95.

Proven results on hundreds of customer blogs


organic traffic

We analyzed hundreds of blog articles from our clients and found a correlation between adding VOOOZER narrations to blog posts and organic traffic increase.


avg. time on page

Our clients report an increase in the avg. time on page after adding VOOOZER narrations to blog posts. Visitors who wouldn't read the content end up listening to them.


lead generation

We have many case studies showing an increase in the lead generation of blogs thanks to our in-player email gate (optional feature).

The 1st and most complete Audio Marketing solution for blogs. The only one supported by Google.​

I am very impressed with the VOOOZER platform. The process is intuitive and I can trust that each narration will be top-notch. This is our first time testing out an all-in-one audio marketing solution and we’re very happy we did.

Alex Atkins

Head of Growth at CXL

See how it works, step by step:

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Get your audios fast and easy

Order in less than 1 minute and receive the narration on our platform in up to 48 working hours.

Easy to publish on your website

Copy our embed code and paste it on your page. It works on all platforms & AMP pages.

Performance reports

Visualize the results and easily report on the performance of the strategy and ROI.

Effortless adjustments

Provide feedback on the narrations and quickly request adjustments if needed.

One person alone can successfully run our audio strategy dedicating less than 30 minutes per month.

Software integrations ready to go

Send the leads you generate with our player to your marketing platform. Distribute your blog post narrations as podcasts on other channels.

*for more integrations, please consult our team

The best all-in-one solution to add audio on your blog with an excellent ROI

See more details about our all-in-one solution:

Narrators specialized in blog post narrations

Voices that suit the tone of your brand

Define how many words will be narrated each month

Online ordering system

Delivery time of up to 48 working hours

Request narration adjustments through our platform

Audios copyrights for life

Hosting and streaming

Lead generation and monitoring

Integrations with Zapier, HubSpot, Spotify, Google Podcast

Leads database exporting

Customizable responsive audio player

Analytics dashboard

Premium Customer Success Service (95 NPS score)

The best performers in Content Marketing and SEO use VOOOZER

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