[Job Opening] Freelance English Narrators

VOOOZER is expanding its operations in the US and we’re looking for freelance narrators!

No previous experience is required, but commitment, attention to details, openness to feedback and respecting deadlines are a must.

More details below:

Who are we?

We are a startup from Brazil that gives human voice to written content. We provide software and narrations for our customers so they can provide their blog visitors a great experience with an audio version for blog posts. We have recorded over 15,000 narrations and 6 people are listening to our content at any given moment through our software!

What we are looking for

We are looking for people to narrate these blog posts and contents and no previous experience as a narrator is needed!

American English must be your mother language.

We are looking for people:

  • with good reading skills;
  • willing to learn a few simple narration techniques;
  • that are comfortable using simple software to edit their audios (if you have never used one, we can teach you);
  • and that are able to navigate the written content as to adapt it when necessary.

It is important to have a schedule to let us know when we can count on your work.

No previous experience in any field is required.

Commitment and self-organization are a must. Freelance work experience is a plus.

Disclaimer: this is a freelance position and you will not be required to deliver any minimum quota or to commit to any work you have no interest or availability to do. There is no employer-employee relation here and you are free to work as you wish – we only ask that you respect the deadline of any work you accept (and our quality standards, of course).

What happens on the day to day

On the day to day work, you will have access to a page inside our platform with the texts that need to be narrated (any specific observation from the clients and the deadline will also be there).

There, you will select the ones you are able to do and mark it with your name and with the word count (there’s a plugin for that).

From there, you will narrate the content through whatever software you prefer, but we do recommend Audacity (free version available) and we can teach you how to use it, in case you’re unfamiliar with it.

The audio file will be sent via our platform. The client will reach out in case any corrections have to be made and, if not, you will receive an email informing you that your narration has been approved!

You will receive full payment regardless – when corrections are necessary, we will check whether it is a mistake on the narration or the text and we will compensate you accordingly in case it is a mistake from the client.


You will be paid for every 100 words that you narrate and you should expect payment ranging from US$ 10 to US$ 20 per hour (the more words you can narrate per hour, the closer you should get to US$ 20/hour).

Disclaimer: the amount of work you can get is directly related to the demand we have and we cannot guarantee to have demand for whenever you are available, but you can be sure we are working for that. =)

Why us and why now?

Working with us, you will help the internet literally speak and reach even farther. Your voice will be heard all over the US (even in other countries as well) and you will be able to put your voice personality on the internet!

On top of that, you will have the opportunity to learn different subjects from the texts you will be reading while getting paid for it. Furthermore, you can work from anywhere and we will always try to accommodate any schedule impediments and changes you may have!

Being one of our first English narrators is an even bigger opportunity – the people that first started with us in Brazil are still by our side 4 years after and are always well compensated for their work.

There is no employer-employee relation here, but there sure is a fellowship, mutual respect and great compensation.

Selection process

If you are interested in becoming one of our English Narrators, take a look at our selection process here.

If you’re not interested, but know someone that might be, feel free to forward them this page.