Siteware case study

Discover how Siteware offered more convenience on their blog and also increased their Lead Generation by 27%

If your company has a content marketing strategy and an active blog, just like Siteware, we strongly recommend that you see this case study and the results achieved. You will see results of the VOOOZER Audio Marketing methodology applied by Siteware.

What we do for Siteware?

How we offer more convenience to blog visitors

How we increased their Lead Generation by 27%

How VOOOZER complete solution was essential to achieve these results without much additional work

Challenges & Goals

When Siteware first came to VOOOZER in January 2018, they were looking to offer more convenience to visitors of their blog and improve SEO. This focus on pleasing the user ended up bringing surprising benefits in lead generation.


The Siteware and VOOOZER partnership started with the standard focus: understanding the content marketing strategy applied, the main objectives and analyzing opportunities to take advantage of the potential of Audio Marketing in the current strategy. Based on the diagnosis:

Siteware started ordering and publishing 4 post narrations per month, initially focusing on well-ranked articles;

once the convenience of the audio proved effective, they also started using VOOOZER exclusive Lead capture feature;

and thus, they started to please their target audience even more and increased their monthly Lead Generation by 27%.

Main Highlights

Blog visitors more satisfied thanks to the convenience of audio;

1% of unique visitors who consumed the audio after informing their email;

00:04:48 average engagement time with the audio;

39.8% of Complete Streams;

27% increase in the organic monthly Lead Generation of the blog.

Our goal at the time was to offer yet another convenience to visitors of the blog and improve our SEO.

We had no expectations of capturing leads through audio posts. To our surprise, today the numbers show that about 21% of the leads captured on the blog arrive through Audio Marketing.

We also note that contents with audio greatly improve their ranking. A simple action, with excellent cost/benefit and that only brings positive results for Siteware marketing.

Daniella Doyle

Head of Marketing

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