Impacta case study

Discover how Impacta reached 3.9% of visitors consuming Audio Posts and increased their blog posts consumption

If your company has a content marketing strategy and an active blog, just like Impacta, we strongly recommend that you see this case study and the results achieved. You will see results of the VOOOZER Audio Marketing methodology applied by Impacta.

What we do for Impacta?

How we improved the consumption of their content

How we improved their SEO

How VOOOZER complete solution was essential to achieve these results without much additional work

Challenges & Goals

When Impacta started evaluating VOOOZER Audio Marketing methodology at the end of 2017, they were looking to generate more engagement with their blog content. This focus on engaging visitors ended up bringing surprising benefits for older articles as well.


The Impacta and VOOOZER partnership started with the standard focus: understanding the content marketing strategy applied, the main objectives and analyzing opportunities to take advantage of the audio potential in the current strategy. Based on the diagnosis:

Impacta started to order and publish 8 narrations of audio posts per month – 100% human narrations with quality standards;

the methodology of audio posts was proven effective, with 3.9% of unique visitors listening the 100% human narrations;

and, thus, Impacta started to engage their visitors more and increased the consumption of their content.

Main Highlights

Blog visitors more satisfied and praising the option of audio in the comments of articles and on social networks;

3.9% of unique visitors who consumed the audio (lead generation feature not active);

00:03:05 average engagement time with the audio;

24.7% of Complete Streams;

42% growth in the Average Time on Page (other optimization strategies were also made in parallel to achieve this result - yes, we're this kind of transparent in our communication);

When we partnered with VOOOZER, the main objective was to offer another possibility for the user to consume the articles and contents of our blog and, with that, increase engagement with our visitors. The idea was mainly focused on users who came through the mobile environment and the new habits of content consumption of our audience.

We wanted a way that was simple enough to fit our internal demands and possibilities, but that was also interesting enough for the user to increase their Average Time on our pages.

With the use of VOOOZER audios during 2018, in addition to other optimization strategies, we can say that we have achieved these goals. In comparison with the previous year, we noticed a 42% growth in the Average Time on Page of Blog Impacta, in addition to a 10% drop in bounce rate!

Furthermore, we use audios to improve our content and also to convert specific leads, always with an easy application and full support from the team!

Bruno Saes

Content Marketing Analyst

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