VOOOZER now offers English narrations!

Press play above and listen to our first English narration!

It is a great pleasure to announce that we are now offering American English narrations service as part of our Audio Marketing suite of services. It seems like it was yesterday when we started our Brazilian Portuguese narrations and then achieved so much success that our clients asked for Spanish narrations as well.

During our journey, we helped our clients engage their blog visitors 43% more and generate 45% more leads with blog posts through our Audio Marketing complete solution. These strong results drew attention from Google, who selected us to be part of the Google for Startups Residency program in 2019.

Now, in 2020, our audios are being consumed by 6 people at any given moment and it is time to expand to yet another language! I am glad to announce that I, Michelle, am the first approved narrator to be part of VOOOZER’s American English narrators team.

Our English narrations are all going to be produced by people living in the USA, with native English speaking skills and the standard VOOOZER quality of always.

We hope to start giving voice to your company’s content soon, so your brand can engage a broader audience and connect to your public through the emotions and quality that only a true human narration can deliver.

If you are interested in taking your company blog to the next level and achieving greater results, get in touch with our Audio Marketing experts.