8 reasons to use audio posts in your content strategy


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In the first half of 2018, the number of companies that routinely publish audio posts grew by more than 100%, that is, more than doubled. The strategy is still gaining ground in the digital market, along with the rise of the audio format, used in other technologies of our daily lives.

With technology opening new doors and adding new ‘extensions’ to our routine, the desire for practicality has become a must have to the launch of new features.

In this scenario, audio marketing reached the content marketing strategies to revolutionize it. In addition to practicality, audio content engages more visitors in a website or blog, making them consume more content and browse more pages.

This helps retain these users and helps brands to have more time to put their pitches into action.

The scenario is quite encouraging, don’t you think?

But there are many reasons other than engagement and longer time on the page to apply the audio marketing strategy. We will detail below more reasons to use audio posts in your content strategy.

Read on to find out how Audio Marketing will help you achieve your business goals.

Reasons for using audio posts

The reasons for using audio posts are interrelated. One leads to the other and you can achieve – if you have a complete strategy – several of these goals at once.

1. 83% of people can’t read everything they would like to on the internet

The reasons given for that? Lack of time and the large number of contents that currently exists on the network.

But these are problems that the audio post easily gets around. If it is not possible to create more time, the voice content fits in the moments of transit in people’s routines, for example. You can listen while on the bus, on the subway, in the car, while waiting for these transports, while standing in a line at the bank, doing your treadmill at the gym, doing the dishes and any other dead time that we hate to miss (right?).

If your brand already produces quality content, audio brings more convenience so that your target audience can consume it.

Thus, those who do not want to lose what you post will keep it up as they can do this while carrying out other activities, for example while preparing their food or cleaning their house.

2. Your content is being underused

Your Content Marketing strategy is doing better than ever, but don’t you think you can go even further with your results?

Audio posts help you get more results with contents that already bring results.

If you have an e-book that attracts leads interested in the content, you can turn it into an audiobook. The people without time to stop to read all the material can listen to it at the time that is best for their study.

The same logic applies to your blog posts, especially those that are already well ranked in the search engines, receiving traffic routinely, but that are certainly not being consumed by many visitors who give up or don’t even start reading.

The Content Trends 2018: BuzzSumo Research Report showed that the volume of published content continues to increase and new topic areas are quickly saturated with content.

In this new world of content saturation the big winners are sites that have built a strong reputation for original content.

3. To generate leads and increase sales

In digital marketing there are several strategies to generate more leads: landing pages, email marketing, ads on social networks, etc. Great strategies, but that are already falling into common use for the public. Nobody else is surprised by the newest and most complete e-book with all the trends of 2000 and something.

The audio post is not just a facilitator or a more practical means of consuming content. The resource is technological and strategic and joins your sales objectives with lead generation.

In VOOOZER’s audio player, for example, a small form is included for the user to input their email and, only then, listen to the narration of the content (this feature is optional). With this email in hand, you continue the flow of nutrition from that lead, taking the lead to the final goal of the sale.

VOOOZER lead generation

Did you know that:

  • 74% of companies that did not exceed revenue targets did not know their number of visitors, leads, MQL or sales opportunities?
  • More than 70% of companies that do not reach their revenue goals generate less than 100 leads per month?
  • Only 5% of the companies generate more than 2,500 leads per month?

These are just a few examples of HubSpot’s Demand Generation Benchmarks report in partnership with Qualtrics. The survey included more than 900 marketers from different sectors in North America and Europe. The report provides data on demand generation with data on visitors, leads, opportunities, customers and revenue.

4. It is innovative and easy to apply

Your company cannot and should not be left behind in the competitive market.

To innovate today is not to create super complex resources that require a number of specific skills from those who will apply it.

Publishing an audio post is as simple as publishing any post. It is a skill that every professional can easily acquire in a few minutes.

The only more specific knowledge you will learn, if you don’t already know, is what is an embed code.

With that knowledge acquired, just insert the code on the blog post or on the website page and voilá! The player with the audio is ready to be heard!

5. Test something new for your Content Marketing, without big risks or big investments

Whenever something new arises, cost is one of the main criteria analyzed. Then comes the curiosity to know the benefits. It is a culture that we have when acquiring almost everything in our life.

However, we rarely think the other way around: considering the benefits, is this product or service worth it?

Following the common line of reasoning, the cost of audio posts does not jeopardize your financial investments and also does not require structural investments to be implemented.

For about $ 300 (USD) per month you can start investing and generating results instantly: yes, if you already have blog posts with recurrent monthly visits, for example, just insert the player in it and start generating more engagement and leads – it’s that simple. If your company has a blog, just make a plan and start using it.

For a quick comparison, a monthly narration package is cheaper than producing an e-book. You can use this information and invest your marketing budget on audio marketing.

6. To get even closer to your audience

More engagement is the golden goal of brands on the internet. And engaging with quality is what really generates closer ties with the brand.

Adobe’s Digital Trends 2018 report highlights that 79% of consumers want to see that brands care about them before considering making a purchase. The report also showed that 84% of organizations working to improve the customer experience saw an increase in revenue.

As the audio post is born out of well-structured, strong and convincing text content, adding the personality of the audio to the strength of the text allows you to further engage your visitor.

While in a text you can work in bold, italics and quotation marks to create dynamism and involvement, in the audio it is possible to use diction, intonation and emotion, as we will delve into below.

7. To make the content more humane

When you hear a friend’s voice saying how exciting it was to descend the rapids of a waterfall during their vacation trip, the excited voice makes such an impact that the desire is to drop everything and take a plane to the same destination and live this experience.

The voice has the power to bring people together and awaken a desire for certain experiences, be it taking a trip, purchasing a service, buying a product, etc.

The intonation of the voice, the pauses, the cadence of speech, all these points are taken into account when making a narration. Each brand has its own language and communication tone.

The Audio Marketing strategy follows exactly these definitions to better connect brands and audiences.

8. To improve your SEO

Our last, but not least, reason is SEO. Optimizing your posts so that it ranks in the first results of search engines is fundamental, and you already know that.

Anyone who has been on the SEO road for some time, benefits even more from audio posts. Google likes updated content. Optimizing your texts with other multimedia content helps a lot in the growth of a website.

With the audio post, it is possible to ‘hold’ the user for more time on the page – ensuring an improvement of the Time on Page metric – which in turn is the 2nd most influential criterion in the ranking of pages in search engines.

And the best is: this is an investment in organic earnings, something very important for the longevity of your internet strategy.

Our Audio Marketing consultancy has already helped Rock Content increase their average time on the page by up to 43% and also RD Station to increase their monthly lead generation by 21%. Try using audio posts in your Content Marketing strategy and achieve new results!

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