Lead tracking: how audio posts can help you sell more

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As we know, capturing leads is just one of the initial steps in the inbound marketing strategy. After capturing a lead, that is, getting the email or some other contact information of a potential customer, comes the part of nurturing and creating a relationship with that person. Part of this process involves tracking leads and qualifying them.

In this post, we’ll talk about how audio posts can help you track and qualify your leads and, thus, generate more sales for your funnel. Shall we begin?

How does the lead generation feature work in audio posts?

The strategy we will talk about here is applied through the VOOOZER audio platform. With it, you can publish audio posts with a player that has lead generation and lead tracking features. That is, you embed the VOOOZER player on a web page, as we did on this very blog post, and activate the lead capturing feature. When your visitors press play, they will be asked for an email to listen to the post. See an example in the following image:

Just as ebooks, webinars and other materials are offered in exchange for visitor information, the audio version of your blog post can do the same thing.

The audio post offers an extra convenience for your audience. They will now be able to consume your content while commuting, walking, tidying up the house or practicing some other activity. Hence, the convenience serves as a ‘bargaining chip’ to get the visitor email.

How does lead tracking work on the VOOOZER player?

Once the lead inputs their email, they will have access to the audio in question and to all other audio posts on the current blog. The visitor’s browser receives a cookie that will monitor their activity on the player. This way, the visitor does not need to input their email in all of your audio posts that have the lead generation feature active.

Lead tracking takes place through this same cookie. Everytime the lead accesses an audio post, through the same browser, this will also be recorded. Then it is possible to know what content each lead has consumed.

Each conversion or consumption of an audio post is recorded on the VOOOZER platform. If you have a HubSpot account, for example, you can integrate the systems so that the captured emails and engagement information with the audio content are sent to the HubSpot account. By the way, new integrations with VOOOZER are also on the way (let us know in the comments section whether you would like to see any particular integration prioritized).

How to track your leads behavior and sell more?

Besides the visitor’s email and information on what content engaged them, it is also registered how much of each audio was consumed at every interaction.

That is, if a content has 4 minutes, it is possible to know exactly how much of those 4 minutes was listened to by the visitor through the player.

With this data you can then understand leads behavior with great precision and thus qualify leads with greater assertiveness.

The main benefit from this is to track what content each lead consumed and how much they consumed of each content. Knowing exactly what the lead consumed, you can analyze the level of engagement, subjects of interest and even how ready the lead is to purchase a service or product.

Example 1

Let’s say you captured a lead on an audio post of top funnel content and, in the following days, consumed other top funnel content.

The following week, the lead consumed at least 80% of two mid funnel contents. Then, in the third week, they consumed 100% of two audio posts of bottom funnel material.

With this engagement history, you could forward the lead to the sales team (either by inside sales or the equivalent step in your sales process).

Example 2

You captured a lead on an audio post of mid funnel content who listened to less than 5% of the audio.

In the following days, the lead engaged with 2 bottom funnel audios, consuming only 10% of each.

As much as the lead has been involved with mid and bottom funnel materials, by detailing how much they have consumed from each audio post, you know that this is not a sales opportunity or a mature lead and will be able to deal with this situation accordingly.

Hands on

To facilitate this work and make it scalable, we recommend that you have a control spreadsheet for your audio posts. In this control, we suggest specifying the funnel stage for each audio content and other relevant data.

That way, by crossing the consumption data for each lead, you can assess how cold or hot the lead is, or how mature they are as to proceed to the next step in your sales funnel.

In the previous examples, we quote scenarios with only lead tracking information through the VOOOZER audio platform. But the idea is to add this valuable data and information to so many others that you have in your content marketing and inbound plan.

Therefore, we recommend that the control spreadsheet we mentioned here integrates to other spreadsheets, databases and software. As, for example, in the case of the integration between the VOOOZER audio platform and HubSpot.

We hope this lead tracking strategy will help you better qualify your leads and sell more!

If you were interested in tracking your leads with the VOOOZER player, get in touch!