How to get closer to your audience: audio content

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Knowing your audience is one of the basic principles for any content production strategy for blogs. It is through this definition that you will be aware of the interests, needs and doubts of your audience, doing your best to approach them with personalized materials. But have you considered using audio content to achieve these objectives?

In today’s post, we’ll look at the reasons why this type of content can strengthen the connection with your visitors and increase their engagement with your blog. Follow along!

1. It brings your busiest visitors closer!

Nowadays, with the availability and fast access to the Internet, we are closer to a lot of information all the time. This excess of information, combined with the lack of time, are the main factors that make it difficult to consume content.

According to one of our surveys, 88% of people access text content once a day or more on the internet. Meanwhile, 73% say they can’t read everything that they would like to online. And it is precisely for this audience that audio content can be of most interest.

It is important to emphasize that this problem impacts all kinds of websites and blogs, no matter their size or subject, since the majority of the respondents affirm they can’t read everything that they are interested in.

Furthermore, a recent report found that 43% of the 13+ U.S. population listen daily to audio content, which includes podcasts, news, sports, talk radio and audiobooks. And another report stated that audio Consumption on digital devices surpassed traditional devices for the first time.

So while a text requires the visitor to look at the screen and focus on reading, the audio format can be consumed while commuting, exercising, cooking, etc. Hence, engaging even the busiest of the audiences.

2. It gives a human touch to your content

Of course, texts are a great way to convey information, but they have the disadvantage of not including the emotion that only a voice is capable of emitting. A narrator can communicate with  tone and interpretation appropriate to the goals and the context of the content.

For example, when we hear a recording with only one voice, we have the impression that the person is speaking directly to us. It’s the kind of intimacy that can overcome even the closeness that video content can convey.

All this feeling of being in a conversation humanizes the content consumption process and establishes people’s trust on the blog author or on the company. In addition to that, it is an accessible form of communication, also strengthening your relationship with people with visual impairment.

3. It helps to clarify and memorize your message

With all these advantages, the audio content ends up creating the ideal involvement to provide an easy understanding of the information. Compare, for example, the difference between following a written and a spoken line of thought. Hearing an explanation of reasoning takes much less effort.

Besides that, a narrated material has the potential to become remarkable, making it easier for the visitor to remember its details.

If your blog has good information and you want more engagement with the public, how about creating audio content based on what you’ve already published? After all, you already have the content and to narrate it, shouldn’t take much time or investment to produce it in the first place. With all the benefits we’ve seen here, you’ll be able to achieve great results!

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