Getting to know VOOOZER!

We will tell you everything in just over 2 minutes.

Hello, I am the text! I connect you to a universe of ideas, knowledge, culture and almost everything imaginable. Did you notice that? I said almost. So, what is missing for this almost everything to be simply everything? I will answer you, but first, I need you to trust me.

For you to really understand it, I need you to press PLAY below and then stop reading this text.

Make sure the volume on your device is good, press play and stop reading – look elsewhere!

“Hello! How are you? Nice to meet you, I’m the human voice. You can keep looking around, you don’t need to look at the screen for us to connect. Still wondering why text can’t connect you to everything? Well, that’s because it lacks real human emotion.

Ah, the human emotion. It is unique!

This sigh of joy, for example. If you were reading, maybe you would imagine a tired sigh. Anyway, that sigh is mine, the narrator, or, as I like to call myself, the VOOOZER.

Like the text, I need you to trust me. Remember you were asked to stop reading? So, continue without reading. Now, pay attention to the practicality of it, the convenience. Only your mind and your ears are being demanded.

The rest of your body is free!

Admire the world, the people, the landscapes! Don’t limit yourself. Run! Go cycling! Tidy up your room, do the dishes, do the laundry! Walk your dog or walk without a dog. Drive to work, drive home or wonder around – in the meantime, I’m taking you around the world.

Learn. Inform yourself. Get knowledge. Evolve!

You can already see that being a human voice is not easy. Some computers even try to imitate me, but there is nothing that really sounds like me. I am the true emotion! And that is why you have a greater connection with me, then you have with the text.

I am joy, I am sadness, I am confidence, I am calm. Sometimes I’m also bored, nobody is perfect. So I get the intonation just right, you know? So I can capture the audience’s attention and emphasize what needs to be emphasized.

Remember that article you wanted to read just the other day and didn’t have time to? Imagine being able to listen to it on the way to work or while you walk. When a text has VOOOZER with it, there is no “I’ll read it later” because people can always listen right now!

And if you are concerned about my friend, the text, rest assured. It will remain here for when you prefer to read, for SEO purposes and more. After all, we were always meant to be together.

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