Audio Marketing checklist for success!


There are some details that must be remembered and best practices that should never be underestimated. Therefore, we have gathered these main points in this article to help you ensure that your Audio Marketing strategy is on track to success.

How to get closer to your audience: audio content

Knowing your audience is one of the basic principles for any content production strategy for blogs. It is through this definition that you will be aware of the interests, needs and doubts of your audience, doing your best to approach them with personalized materials. But have you considered using audio content to achieve these objectives?

How to increase your blog engagement in 10 minutes

Girafa alcançando a folhagem de uma árvore.

Currently, there are numerous strategies and tactics to increase the engagement of a content on the internet. This article will teach you a powerful and simple strategy. You will need to invest only about 10 minutes per text that you want the engagement to be improved.

Audio platform: understand the advantages

plataformas de áudio

No time to read? Listen to the article (narrated by a real person): Reading opens the doors to a new world. It improves critical thinking, increases knowledge and culture, expands vocabulary, among many other benefits. However, life became more and more rushed and this important habit is being left behind. The good news is that […]